Welcome to my creative hotbed

Fed up of our modern throwaway culture, i decided to take a stand! Driven by a desire to preserve raw materials, i create eye-catching and unique objects from stuff otherwise destined for the local Berlin dump.


With the exception of my jewellery, all products are made from recycled materials such as truck tarpaulins, air mattresses, tyre tubes etc. Sustainability is the name of the game!


Needless to say, everything is thoroughly cleaned before it is given a new lease of life as a wallet, handbag, shoulder bag, tobacco pouch or whatever. Obviously, some of them show signs of wear and tear from their ‘former life’, but this is what gives them their unique character and adds to their charm.

The pat-work label is primarily devoted to products of daily life and jewelry with a unique and eye-catching design. And even better, all the work is inspired by a sustainable outlook on life.

You can find a thought-provoking array of handmade accessories for both him and her.


All the handmade pretty things are produced in Berlin.

On this site you can find individual designs, unique handmade objects.